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Tea Estates in Darjeeling

India is the largest producer and consumer of tea in the world. India is blessed with a lot of tea estates. It offers 32% of world's total tea. Situated in the foothills of Himalayan Range, Darjeeling is a home to many tea estates. The history of Indian tea is 150 years old .The first commercial tea garden in Darjeeling was introduced by a British and the first trial plantation of seed was done by Dr. A Campbell at an altitude of 700 Ft. In the year 1847 Government planted first tea nursery at Lebong and the rest is history.

Darjeeling is a producer of world's best aromatic teas. It occupies a place of pride for India. Darjeeling has 86 tea gardens which produces about 10 million Kgs. of tea annually. In the year 1850 Darjeeling had only 39 gardens but this number has reached up to 113 in the year 1874.The growing Darjeeling tea industry provides a rewarding life to the people of Darjeeling. It offers livelihood to 52 thousand people out of which 15,000 persons are engaged in the plucking season. The women are only involved in plucking of tea leaves. Now there are 86 running tea gardens producing 'Darjeeling Tea' on a total area of 19,000 hectares. Tea plantation in Darjeeling is restricted only to Darjeeling and Kurseong sub-divisions and the method used here is known as "Orthodox" as against the "CTC" which is adopted in plains. Organic tea is a name given to tea grown using natural manure. 'Tea tourism' is the latest concept which is getting popular in India. The tourists are encouraged to stay in tea garden Bungalows equipped with all amenities during which they can enjoy serene atmosphere of tea garden and can also see the tea manufacturing process and the unique culture of tea garden. Some of the prominent tea estates in Darjeeling are Goomtee Tea Estate, Glenburn Tea Estate, Makaibari Tea Estate, Puttabong Tea Estate and Happy Valley Tea Estate.

Tea Estates in Darjeeling
Glenburn Tea Estate Makaibari Tea Estate Goomtee Tea Estate
Puttabong Tea Estate    

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