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Puttabong Tea Estate

The tea estate of Puttabong which is also known as Tukvar Tea Estate was established in 1852 and was the first tea estate in Darjeeling West Bengal. This beautiful plantation of tea stretches 22 Km is situated at an altitude of 1,500 ft to 6,500 ft above the Rangeet River which forms the border to Sikkim .The tea estate has mainly the plantations of Clonal and Chinese bushes which are very well complimented with rich fruit notes that linger in the finish. Besides being a tea garden Puttabong is also a very famous tourist attraction with accommodation facilities. It is blessed with various kinds of flora and fauna along with rivers and streams that welcome the visitors when they arrive at this destination. The products of Puttabong Tea Estate are named Puttabong supreme and Puttabong Clonal Queen. The accommodation provides closeness to the tea gardens, giving the visitors the privacy they required and peace and tranquility that they needed on the holiday. The other advantage of Puttabong is that it is easily approachable by the roads from all other major tourist destinations of the region. The tea estate is a haven for Indian birds and a paradise of nature lovers. Puttabong Tea Estate is renowned as the first tea estate to fetch the world record price of Rs. 10,001 per Kg for its Antique Tea in 1992. It is also the first tea estate to receive ISO 9002 certificate in manufacturing, processing and marketing.

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Puttabong Tea Estate    

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