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Premium Hotels in Darjeeling

Darjeeling the queen of hills situated in West Bengal is the most popular tourist destination in Northeast India. The temperature and climate offer an escape from the heat of plains during summer. Every year Darjeeling attracts tourists from all around the world. To accommodate this infinite influx of travelers from all corners of the world the place has come up with an ultimate means of accommodation. The premium hotels in Darjeeling decked with all modern amenities and facilities .Most of the premium hotels in Darjeeling offer most thrilling views of the Himalayas and in particular Mount Everest and Kanchenjunga.

Visitors and Travelers won't be disappointed as the service provided in these hotels in Darjeeling is of very high standard in terms of luxury, comfort, warmth or hospitality. The emphasis is on providing that little extra, so that every guest receives attention according to the needs. Most of these hotels offer guided tours and sightseeing trips to many places of interest. This well planned Itinerary can help guests to make most of their visit. The premium hotels in Darjeeling are affluent with modest staff modern amenities, authenticity of cuisines , personalized services that makes the visit of every traveler a memorable one.

Premium Hotels in Darjeeling
Cedar Inn Hotel Mohit Hotel North star
Hotel Sinclairs    

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