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Heritage Hotels in Darjeeling

Darjeeling the Dreamland of East is one of the most visited hill station in India. The place is known for its scenic charm, snow -clad Himalayas, beautiful natural wonders and tea gardens. Darjeeling was a summer capital during the British Era, who mesmerized by its natural beauty and climate. The heritage hotels in Darjeeling are mostly converted colonial summer houses, villas and residences. These heritage hotels in Darjeeling offer utmost comfort and luxurious accommodation in exotic settings. These heritage hotels appeals to the people who need to remain in touch with modern amenities but at the same time experience the glory of past.

If you want to experience royal comforts and luxurious stay in distinct style, then heritage hotel in Darjeeling is the answer. The heritage hotels in Darjeeling are well equipped for accommodating the large number of tourists. The hotels offer boardroom and conference facilities with computer and internet access to its discerning clientele. The hotels promise its guests with a fine dining experience and serves spectacular treats for its guests to relish and pamper their hungry taste buds. During the stay at these hotels one can enjoy the serene splendor of Himalayas and relish the fragrance of hills. A stay in any one of the Heritage Hotels provides you with a pleasant experience of the lifestyle, culture and customs of the Darjeeling. Fortune Resort Central, Hotel Windamere , New English Hotel are some of the prominent heritage hotels of Darjeeling.

Heritage Hotels in Darjeeling
Hotel Windamere The Olde Bellevue Hotel Hotel New Elgin
Fortune Resort Central    

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